Four most important documents required for you to start participating in tenders?

  1. Registered Company- Your need to have a properly registered company with have the legal capacity to enter into a contract. The company can either be a Private limited, Public Limited, Partnership, Private Business Corporation (PBC) or qualified individual in the case of consultancy services.

Companies registered outside Zimbabwe can also participate in tenders, if it is an International tender

  • PRAZ Registration- Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe is a government board that regulated public procurement activities in Zimbabwe and you need to register with them if you intent to participate in Government Tenders. Charges are USD 100.00 for Local companies and USD 750.00 for International companies or Zimbabwean dollar equivalent
  • Valid Tax Clearance- Your company needs to have a valid tax clearance , VAT Certificate is not compulsory for companies that have sales of taxable supplies that are less than 60 000 USD per year
  • NSSA Registration- The registration is free, you will need to pay monthly remittances depending with the number of employees in your company

If you have the above documents you can participate in most of the public tenders in Zimbabwe, you can ask any question on how to go about the tendering process we will be glad to assist.

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