The Procurement Gateway

Tender Notice Board is one of the pioneering procurement support services/consulting gateway that started in Zimbabwe and is growing to cover the region, continent and the whole global spectrum. With the most comprehensive database of Tenders, Projects, Business news and Contract Award from Multilateral Funding agencies, State, Utilities sector, Hospitals, Schools, Ports, NGO’s etc.

Tender Notice Board is inspired and driven by technology, being accessible across platforms.

Transparency and Efficiency in Public Procurement

We are committed to bringing transparency and efficiency in Public Procurement domain, and we believe that the first step to achieve this objective is to make the procurement opportunities available to a larger supplier base and giving them sufficient time to respond. With the rapid and all round expansion of the internet and more number of tenders published online, it is becoming easier to disseminate the buying opportunities to larger supplier base on a single click of the mouse and that too without any restriction to geography. The Government purchasers can leverage this opportunity for greater growth.

What are the Advantages of Publishing Tenders on Tender Noticeboard?

There are multiple advantages of publishing tenders on Tender Noticeboard. Few of them are targeted reach, instantaneous national reach, superior returns, most comprehensive database, more competition and, hence better procurement.


To start viewing tenders follow the steps below;

  1. Log into your account by clicking on the link provided
  2. Select Tenders and RFQs on the top menu bar
  3. From the drop menu bar that appears from Tenders and RFQs click either Local Tenders, International Tenders or Request for quotation
  4. Google a tender– click on the search sign that is next to procurement tips on the top menu and type any key word to search for any tender of your choice then click enter
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