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For Bid Bond Values less than ZWL$ 700 000.000 the non-refundable fee to be paid is ZWL$ 28 000.00. For Bid Bond values above ZWL$450 000.00 the non-refundable fee to be paid is 4% of the bid value.Payments to be made to NBS 3213011173011 BRANCH KARIGAMOMBE Wonayi Multiple Insurance agents Borrowdale branch

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What you need to know about this great service
  • The bid bond is issued by a Registered Commercial Bank hence it will meet all of your bidding requirements at law

  • You do not have to pay the full bid bond value, you only pay ZWL $28 000 or 4% of bid value if the bid bond value is above ZWL $700 000. Therefore if your bid bond value ranges from ZWL1 to ZWL700 000 you only pay ZWL28 000, if your bid bond value is more that ZWL  700 000 you pay 4% of the bid bond value.

  • Download this indemity form , fill it , scan it and attach it to your application Download Indemity Form
  • It takes 5 days for us to process your bid bond, therefore you need to apply at least 5 days before the Tender Closing date

  • Once the bid bond is out it can be sent to you via email or you can collect it from our offices.
  • You need to have the following documents before applying (Your company profile, Tender Document, and Proof of payment)
  • Bank Details 

Wonayi Multiple Insurance Agent, NBS Bank, Karigamombe Branch, Account Number 3213011173011

For more information contact us on 0784929238 or email us on [email protected]