Medical Services. Equipment and Drugs

RFQ;Request for ambulance cover and doctors services;Closing 28 September 2020

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION TO:      emergency medical services                                         CLOSING DATE:  28 Sept 2020 DATE: 24 Sept 2020                                                                          CLOSING TIME: 1600hrs RETURN QUOTATION TO:  BUYING UNIT                           CONTACT PERSON: J…
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RFQ;Latex gloves and dustcoats suppliers ;Closing 14 September 2020

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION TO: Latex gloves and dustcoats suppliers                                   CLOSING DATE:    14 September 2020 DATE: 9 September 2020                                                                CLOSING TIME: 1630 hours RETURN QUOTATION TO:  Buying Unit                 CONTACT PERSON:…
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