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RFQ;JAVAXEROX 7855 CARTRIDGES – CYAN;Closing 27 November 2020

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION TO:  PAPER SUPPLIERS                                                               CLOSING DATE:  27 NOVEMBER 2020 DATE:  24 NOVEMBER 2020                                                       CLOSING TIME:     1600 HOURS RETURN QUOTATION TO:  BUYING UNIT                           CONTACT PERSON:      …
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RFQ;Supply of Toner Catridges;Closing 27 November 2020

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION TO Suppliers of Toner Cartridges                                                CLOSING DATE: Friday, 27 November 2020 DATE: Tuesday 24 November 2020                                             CLOSING TIME 1600 hours RETURN QUOTATION TO:  BUYING…
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RFQ;iMac Pro 27”, 3.0GHz 10 Core Intel Xeon;Closing 23 November 2020

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION TO: COMPUTER EQUIPMENT                                        CLOSING DATE: 23 NOVEMBER 2020 DATE: 18 NOVEMBER 2020                                                 CLOSING TIME: 16.00 Hours RETURN QUOTATION TO:  BUYING UNIT                           CONTACT PERSON: MR…
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RFQ;Fix and Supply – Indoor R310 Ruckus Access Points & Power Packs;Closing 23 November 2020

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION TO:  Networking Equipment                                                           CLOSING DATE: 23 November 2020 DATE: 17 November 2020                                                              CLOSING TIME:  16:00 RETURN QUOTATION TO:  BUYING UNIT                           CONTACT PERSON: T. Matiwure…
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RFQ;Epson Certified Ink ;Closing 23 November 2020

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION TO: Epson Certified Ink Suppliers                                                CLOSING DATE:23 November 2020 DATE: 16 November 2020                                                              CLOSING TIME: 1630 hours RETURN QUOTATION TO:  Buying Unit                 CONTACT PERSON: G Denhere…
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RFQ;TONER CARTRIDGES;Closing 20 November 2020

PR  No.Date PostedItems RequiredQuantity RequiredClosing DateClosing Time1019533618.11.2020304A CC 530A BLACK TONER CARTRIDGE320.11.202010:00 Hours304A CC 531A BLUETONER CARTRIDGE1  304A CC 532A YELLOWTONER CARTRIDGE1    304A CC533A MAGENTATONER CARTRIDGE1   NB: DOCUMENTS REQUIRED Companies must submit…
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