Vendor Number Registration

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What is a vendor number in Zimbabwe?

Vendor Number is a series of digits issued by the Ministry of Finance to identify a company that deals with the government.Companies that wish to do business with the Zimbabwean government must be registered with PRAZ and also apply for a vendor number.Tender Noticeboard will assist you with your application if you just complete the form above

How do I get a vendor number in Zimbabwe?

To get your vendor number you only need to complete the form above and send the required documents to [email protected] and we will handle the process for you.

Requirements of a vendor number are ;
Certificate of Incorporation,
CR14 ,
ZIMRA tax clearance certificate
a certified copies of National Identity/Passports/Driver Licence for all the directors on the company’s current Form C.R.14.
an original or certified copy of bank statement for the company.
Proof of residence of two directors on C.R.14 in the form of water / electricity bill/Prepaid ZESA receipts in their names only



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